Case Studies

Exploring the Ideal Features of a New Product – This exploratory study helped to identify the features most desired in a new architectural product.

The Perception and Attitudes of Nurses About Nursing This federally-funded primary research study was intended to help the client better understand what nurses thought about their profession and the impact of continuing education on their careers.

Exploring Doctors’ Attitudes Toward an Outpatient Services ProviderThe goal of this primary research study was to help the client better understand what referring physicians thought about their services.

Discovering Who the Clients Really Are This market segmentation study was aimed at accurately describing the demographic make-up of the client’s customers.

New Market Overview and Analysis – This secondary research project evaluated the social and political climate of a new market for the client.

International Business Intelligence – This quick turn-around secondary research assignment focused on providing an overview and analysis on local business practices and social customs, as well as background on political leaders and policy initiatives.

Enhancing the Focus of Economic Development Activities – This research project, which included both primary and secondary research elements, was designed to inform the economic development activities of a county government in southwestern Pennsylvania.