Exploring Attitudes, Perceptions, and Beliefs Related to Community College



This primary research project examined the attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs about the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) held by various stakeholders, including students, employees, alumni, and the community. The project involved secondary research, multiple focus groups, questionnaire development, project administration, analysis of primary and secondary data, and reporting the findings and recommendations to college administrators. the research revealed that CCBC is highly regarded by internal and external stakeholders, who believe it is both a great place to start a higher education journey, and a valuable regional asset.

Research Benefits

  • A statistically valid baseline measurement against which future research findings from similar studies can be evaluated
  • Findings immediately informed the current web redesign project
  • Results will be useful for rebranding, alumni relations, and strategic planning purposes
  • Provided insight into both promotional messaging and communication channel dynamics

Detailed Case Study

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