Market Research Panels

One of the tools available to help us answer the client’s research question is a market research panel, individuals recruited specifically to participate in market research. While not appropriate for every project, panels are a cost-effective way of obtaining quick results for relatively straight forward research problems. Said another way, market research panels are best suited for simple questions that require quick answers.


  • Double opt-in and pre-screened
  • Over 6 million US panelists
  • 22 million panelists from 32 countries
  • 300+ background data points captured from each panelist
  • 27+ profile dimensions


  • Cost effective – The cost per response for a research panel can be considerably less when compared to other methods of gathering primary data.
  • Quick turn-around – A pre-screened and assembled audience means that research projects can be launched and completed faster.
  • Higher response rates – The respondents are willing to participate in market research, leading to increased response rates.

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